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Hello! I'm Ecem Kırmızıgül, and I've followed a unique journey that spans electrical engineering, business analysis, and now UX/UI design.
My fascination with process improvement and understanding people's needs began during my internship at Kosovo Electric Distribution Company. This interest drove me to become a business analyst at Oracle's Customer Care and Billing Project, where I mastered problem-solving and effective communication.

My journey took an international turn as I moved to the United States to enhance my English and explore new horizons. Traveling exposed me to various cultures, igniting my love for adaptability and exploration.

Currently, I'm venturing into UX/UI design, which resonates with my analytical background. Crafting seamless digital experiences feels like a natural extension of my problem-solving skills.

Outside of work, I embrace challenges with open arms. Adapting to diverse projects and immersing myself in new environments energizes me.

If you're seeking a professional who combines analytical thinking with a creative flair, I'm here! Let's connect and harness our collective potential.
Ecem Kırmızıgül
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